Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wow Therapist, I Had No Idea!

I spent another Tuesday afternoon with my therapist. Today she provided a great deal of information/ideas/ suggestions...all of which I've heard countless times. What I tried to explain to her and what no one seems to understand is that while the suggestions and comments are all very sage and well meaning, I can't for the life of me, buy into them. I know that these suggestions could be very helpful, I can not put them into practice. I try and try and try all to no avail. What the world needs is a giant brain vacuum capable of cleaning the brain, of sucking up the dirt and crap that cause these ruinous glitches. "I'm sorry sir our best cognitive behavioral theorists can't seem to help. It looks like we'll be using the brain vacuum. Between you and me... while the vacuum is wickedly painful, it's a fail-proof fix for what ails you!" "Well Madam, what are you standing there for! On with the vacuuming! Tally Ho!" Unfortunately no such device exists. What am I to do? Await new advances? Add more and more medications? Hope god will fix me? Perhaps I should just have a good leeching.

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