Saturday, July 30, 2011

This Bird Has Flown

My wife and son left for the beach today. They'll be gone a week. Most years I would view this as an exciting opportunity to sleep as much as I want, eat what I want, etc: However, this most certainly isn't most years. This has been the longest of years. My wife and child have kept me as grounded as they possibly could. Now I find myself alone with my thoughts. If I'm not careful I will quickly drown in a pool of my own misery. Over the next week it will be of vital importance that I stay as active as possible, stay on the move both physically and mentally. It doesn't help that I am now officially just one short week away from my return to work. I truly have no idea how I'm going to pull off teaching. I fear it will be a year of simply reading stories and making worksheets. Such is not the stuff of real teaching. Worksheets are meant for substitutes, not legitimate teachers. Who knows, perhaps I'm no longer a legitimate teacher. We will see, dear reader, we will see.

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