Sunday, July 24, 2011

Really Jim the Head Cold, Really?

I have had this head cold for so long I've named him Jim. Normally Jim isn't too annoying. Just some stuffiness, and the occasional runny nose. However, last night it seems as though Jim found some steroids or perhaps simple motivation. Jim kicked it into high gear and decided to stuff my nose with thick yellow snot which refuses to vacate. Jim's phlegm has reached squatter status. Jim also took it upon himself to invite his annoying friend, Tina the immovable headache. Tina, being annoying, laughs at all attempts to medicate her away. She too has been deemed a squatter. If that wasn't enough Tina the headache invited Jerry the nagging cough. Jerry, being a jackass, placed a call to Misty the cold chill. She didn't hesitate to hurry over and move in with the other squatters.

Dear reader, depression never moves in alone. It brings sickness, poor appetite, rotten hygiene, and so many other hanger-ons that listing them would be futile, boring and depressing.

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