Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Simplest of Things

Doc increased my dosage of Trazadone Monday. Last night I slept for six hours! Six hours of sleep! More sleep then I've had in ages. It's amazing how much something like three extra hours of sleep means. I awake to find that the sun is up and waiting for me for a change. My head doesn't have that dull ache that has been so persistent. These little victories, dear reader, the overwhelming impact of the otherwise mundane, trivial, and automatic are also a part of depression. Dare I say that such is even a positive aspect of the disease? For those of us suffering with depression there is joy, even elation, in the very smallest of things. A smile from my wife or son. A bird I have never seen before. Falling rain following weeks without. A good game of baseball. In some strange, inexplicable way life may possibly be more amazing for the depressed. It is such a tremendous shame that the wonders and joys of life come in such brief, thin flashes. What a world it wold be to have these feelings, this view of life constantly.

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