Friday, July 29, 2011

Ho Hum

Depression = Boredom and Boredom = Depression
To wit - when you're in the throws of a depressive episode the desire or will to leave the house is extremely low. Very soon thereafter, when you're not being consumed by your depression, you become extremely bored. Still, this does not mean you have any desire to leave the house. Your boredom fuels your depression as it reminds you of how much you've lost. Such as the will to engage the world. Simple things like trips to a store or a haircut or a nice dinner at a favorite restaurant are long, long removed from you. So your boredom fuels your depression and your depression, because it leaves you all but home bound, fuels your boredom. It is a vicious, vicious circle. Such, dear reader, is yet another aspect of this delightful illness.

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