Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thank You Guitar Show

In keeping with my new stay busy strategy, I went to our town's yearly vintage guitar show. I brought along a 1950's Kay acoustic guitar that I've always regretted buying. While the guitar had a great look to it, the action was way to high and would have been expensive to repair. I had no plans for the guitar I just knew that if I brought a vintage guitar to the show my admission would be reduced. I had a couple of guys show interest in the guitar. One guy offered me sixty bucks while another guy offered me one hundred. Still, a third cat said he would swap with me and offered up a sweet jumbo acoustic guitar. However, the acoustic was made in China and it just didn't feel right. Then I met a really cool old guy who was able to tell me a lot about the guitar and how I might even repair the action myself. I told him I was thinking about swapping it. He said that he had a guitar I might be interested in and produced a 1957 Silvertone classical guitar. He was willing to swap guitars and said he felt it would be an even trade. I walked around to think it over. I even played the jumbo acoustic which turned out to have a really great sound. Still, I was drawn to the history of the Silvertone. I mean somebody was flipping through their Sears catalog a long time ago and decided that they just had to have that guitar. The guitar sold for 59.50 in 1957 which is the equivalent 0f 460.00 today. Not cheap at all. The guitar was so light and yet it had remained in tact all of these years. Someone took really good care of that little guitar. I don't play classical guitar and the jumbo guitar is really sweet even if it's not made in America. In the end I just had to have the Silvertone. I've had a smile on my face since I made the swap. This is the happiest that something, other than my wife and child, has made me in a very long time. I only wish that I would have gotten the man's name.  Now that I see it in writing I'm kind of wishing that I would have gotten the Jumbo guitar!

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