Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Return to the Guitar Show and a Lesson Learned

So I went back to the guitar show hoping to swap the Silvertone for the wide body acoustic. I felt that the Silvertone was a nicer guitar then the Kay that the guy originally wanted to swap. Turns out the guy has lots of Silvertones at home and wanted nothing to do with mine. I have learned that if you want something and getting it is reasonable you should do it and not wait or second guess yourself. My waiting and vacillation cost me today. Still, the Silvertone is pretty awesome.  I didn't have the balls to ask the guy if I could swap back for my Kay knowing that I was going to walk a few booths down a swap it for the wide body. Live and learn dear readers, live and learn. Still, I had almost as much fun this time. A few people did check out the Silvertone and one guy wanted to swap it for a Honer parlor guitar. I wasn't interested. I did see some really, really nice high end custom acoustic guitars. These were 30 and 33 thousand dollar guitars that were for sale! The guy was really cool going over all of the intricate details, showing me the inlays and simply plucking the strings so that I could hear the amazing tones. The only downside was the lack of people selling nylon strings. I really wanted to have the sSlvertone restrung. Still, a good day...better than most in fact. Not finding strings just means that I'll have something to do tomorrow.

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