Monday, July 25, 2011

We Begin Yet Again

Today I'll see yet another Psychiatrist. I visit a local University's  school of Medicine's specialty clinic. It's super cheap. However, it is staffed by interns. This means a new doc every six months. It's good in that a fresh pair of eyes reviews my case every six months. The downside is that a fresh pair of eyes reviews my case every six months. This means that I essentially start over. I provide all of the background information, family history, med lists, blah, blah, blah. I go over the goings-on of the past year or so. I answer the same series of questions yet again. They are: Are you suicidal? Are you hearing voices? Do you have a desire to harm others? Are you seeing things that aren't there? Are you taking illegal drugs? etc:. I sit and listen while the doc decides if the past diagnosis was correct or not. I listen to a possible new diagnosis. I discuss possible med changes. I prepare to take a step back in the hope that this doc will somehow have the ever illusive answer to my depression. Needless to say rapport building is low on the list. I'm less patient and more medical case. I won't really get to know the docs and I won't really be known by them. This too is simply part of my depression.

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