Saturday, August 6, 2011


And so it begins, dear reader, in earnest. Yesterday I wrote of my recent change in attitude and how said change seems to be signaling a shift in my depression for the positive. I have noticed another hint that things may be turning for the better. There exists a strange quirk that I've experienced with each depressive episode. As I begin to come out of the depression I have the strangest urge to stretch as much as I possibly can. As I stretch an all to subtle vibration begins at the top of my head and courses through the whole of my body. It is not unpleasant, in fact, the opposite is true. It is a wonderful feeling. It is not the vibration in and of itself that I enjoy. Rather, I smile along with the vibrations because of what they represent. It is as if my body has been in the longest of harsh winters and the stretching is akin to the first blooms of spring fighting to break through the hardened winter soil. The vibrations then signal the reawakening of both body and mind. Could it be, dear reader, that the desire to die is truly gone and is being replaced, yet again, with the desire to live, to embrace the world once more? Let us dare to believe that such is the case. Let us believe indeed.  

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