Monday, August 1, 2011

This is Harder Than it Looks

In an effort to stay busy, I had several errands to run. I began at 8:30 and here it is 10:45 and I'm all done. My wife stays busy all the time and I'm not quiet sure how she does it. I guess remaining busy, staying active for a whole day is harder than it looks. Some of my errands were fails...I want a new messenger bag for work. I looked online and found one at Target and one at the devil spawned walmart. Of course neither target nor walmart had either bag. I think I'll just check out a local Army surplus store. In the past my bags have all been black and rather professional looking. But the whole professional look, from the clothes to the bag, simply isn't me. I'm much more comfortable with a rather casual look. This school year I must do what I like and not what I think others expect. I have certain clothes because they are of a kind that I think people expect to see me in as a teacher. Not this year. I'm on the hunt for some snap button shirts that I think I can pull off with the pants I already have. Same with the bag. I don't want something nice, I want something I can toss around without fearing that it might look bad. So that's the deal with the whole messenger bag affair. My next failed errand pertains to my posts about the new '57 Silvertone guitar I swapped for yesterday. I want to find six nylon strings. Not three nylons and three wire wrapped. This guitar needs six nylon strings so I went hunting for them. I wen to a local music store and found that they din't carry all nylon strings. Perhaps they don't make all nylon strings anymore. There is another store I want to check out though before I give up. I did, however, manage to drop off my dry cleaning, get a haircut, and purchase black and white t-shirts. I feel guilty for having spent 65.00 because I haven't worked in so long. Yet I must tell myself that the purchases were necessary for work because they were. Enough for now dear reader. I must find some more errands to run or a free place to visit. Perhaps the botanical gardens? Perhaps.

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