Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Day of Reckoning

Tomorrow I return to work for the first time in 11 long, dreadful months. While I've come a long way in 11 months I'm not entirely confident that I've come far enough to make my return a successful one. Still, I must tell myself that I'll be fine that the depression has indeed lessened to such a degree as to make working possible. I must tell myself this and it must be true as the alternative is unthinkable. I thought that I would most certainly be filled with an unchecked sense of dread today, but that hasn't been the case. While I have been very tired due to a lack of sleep tired is all I've been. My clothes are out my bag is prepared and the coffee is pre-made. I know that the coming days will be difficult to say the least but they could very well be rewarding too. What a boost to my confidence it will be if I make it through the week without incident. I may even gain enough confidence so that the return of students the following week may not be as detrimental as I once believed it to be. Truly dear reader my return may easily go either way. We will simply wait and see.

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