Sunday, August 7, 2011

How Quickly it Slips Away

Ugg dear reader. It is but 2:30 am and I'm awake for the second night in a row. It's rather a shame. I was having such a good run...since my family's return I have not slept in my own bed. It seems my feelings of worthlessness still linger. Surely the connection between lack of bed and lack of sleep is there as I slept fairly well when I was in my own bed. I must sleep in my bed. I return to work tomorrow and must have more than three hours of sleep if  I am to ave any chance of making my return a success. I'm exhausted when I don't sleep yes but there are more troubling aspects as well. My attitude suffers which in turn  means my interactions with my family suffers as well. I have tremendous bags under my eyes. I find that I'm congested and that my face brakes out in this interminable adult acne. I have a lingering headache and the strongest urge to simply sleep my day away. So you see, dear reader, depression impacts far more than the mind alone.

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